10 New Year Resolutions THAT Your Girl Wants You to Make

So boys here comes New Year. Time to be Mr. Perfect for your girl.

What is your New Year Resolution, boys? I’m pretty sure that you have not decided yet. But, no need to take any pain in thinking about New Year resolution. I’m sure your girl must have decided it for you.

Let’s think, what can it be? Get ripped? Quit something? Start something?

May be she wants you to be perfect?

Before she asks you to take New Year Resolution of her choice, surprise her by taking one. Now, we will talk about New Year Resolution your girl might want you to take.

There is nothing wrong in changing yourself for good and when your girlfriend wants you to make that change- especially one you are in a serious relationship.

It’s not like your relationship is not perfect, even the relationships which seems to be perfect needs to grow and flourish with time. Relationships changes our habits and attitude day by day, and you are excepting those changes happily. So, the best time or best New Year gift you can give to your girl is to be her, Mr. Better.

So, guys here are some New Year Resolutions which your girl might want you to take.

Have a look at it

  1. Take Her During Boys’ Night out

Yes, it isn’t a good idea. But if you want gain her trust to the fullest, you have to let her experience your insane and so called ‘decent’ boys’ night out ones. She, surely, will love you for this thing. Whenever you ask for her permission, for night out with friends her imagination gets pretty absurd.

After that you are surrounded by line of question like ‘when’ ‘where’ how’.

So, to stop all these line of question and her absurd imagination all you need to do is to let her see what you are truly doing. But, yes for next time, whenever you ask for her permission be more cautious.

  1. Make An Effort To Be Close With Her Girl Friend

Every girl wants that her man should go along with her girl friend. No matter how irritating your girlfriend BFF is but you have go along with her. Even sometimes you need to pay for her meal.

By going along with your girlfriend BFF and making good relationship with her will benefit in future. When your relationship will be at verge of ending, you can approach to her BFF. She must be having good memories of you, and they will tell your girlfriend (seemingly soon to be ex) that “see he is that bad”. Sometimes, only this much is needed to save your relationship.

  1. Actually Listen to Her

Your girl must want you to actually listen to her and wants your full attention whenever she is talking to you. The key to successful relationship is to give full attention to a person who is talking to you. So you must eliminate your habit of listening from one ear and pushing out from another. So keep your phone aside, brush all you outside thoughts and keep full attention on her when she is talking to you. This habit of yours must help you to reply properly and turns the conversation into more stimulating one. – Listen from heart to understand, not from your mind to respond.

  1. Realize that sometimes the reason you’re buying her all these gifts is that you’re overcompensating for the lack of you in her life.

She will love you when you spend more of your time with her. Yes, it’s true that she loves when you give her gift. Sometimes it’s nice when you arrange dinner at some nice restaurant, take her for shopping and watch movies. But, there is no need to spend everything you earn her. It’s not necessary for her. Only she needs is your love, time and support whenever she needs it. With the growing relationship, things slow down, and it turned into silent a gesture which is needed to be shown time to time. Go for quiet, meaningful cuddles and embracing each other. These small gestures can keep her happy for long.

  1. Surprise Her Even on Normal Days

Every girl wants that the man whom she loves also surprise her even on normal. Even a small chocolate pack with an ‘I Love You’ sticky note can make her day. These small gestures towards her can make her fall for you even more.

You don’t need to do surprise her the way you do on her birthday. She only wants you to remind her- every time she is upset, that you are on her side whenever she wants you.

  1. Let Her Know How You Truly Feels

Yes, it’s true that this will create a drama, and you don’t want that. But whether you like it or not, it is part your relationship. If there is something which bugs you instead of keeping it yourself, go and tell her. May be she can solve the problem easily.

It is good share your true feelings with your girl. If don’t share your feelings, it will eventually convert into frustration. As a result of which there will be negative impact on your relationship.

So, it’s better that you should talk to her and try to solve the problem as a team.

  1. Be an Impeccably Groomed Man

There is nothing wrong in grooming for your beloved women. When she can groom herself to impress you, why can’t you groom yourself to impress her?

Practically, when a boy takes time to get ready so that he can impress his girl, this shows how seriously you are for your relationship.

Also, your girl will love your gesture and will be impressed by you. If, it’s your first date then maybe she will say ‘yes’.

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So, boys don’t be a couch potato, take some effort to impress your girl.

  1. Get Along with Her Family

It is as important to go along her family as going along with her friends. Getting confidence of her family will make things easy for you.

May be you can go on lunch with her sisters or mother. Every girl wants that her beloved man will be approved by her family, so it is necessary that you impress her family.

Also, impressing her family can make things easier for you in future. For instance, if you want to propose her for marriage, you don’t have any problem as you are approved by her family. Also, if your relationship is at verge of ending then you can approach them, and can take their help in making you relationship once again.

  1. Be Sweeter…On Social Media

It’s good to express your love in front of people. But don’t annoy people by continuously posting couple pic. Do express your love on social media, but it is not necessary to overdo the things. Let it be simple and sweet.

Every girl needs, that her beloved man will express his love for her in front people. But, it is sometimes embarrassing when you overdo the things.

  1. May be more honest?

Yes, you are honest with your girl all the time, which is why you are in a relationship. She also trusts you more than anyone in her life. But think of honesty as a tool on which your relationship is standing. Without this tool relationship cannot work. It has to be constant in a relationship. Don’t let the blade of honesty and truthfulness to be dull. Keep it at sharper edge always.

It means that you should keep no secret uncovered because at a point of time your secret will come out and create many problems. So, it is better that you should tell your secret to her in advance, so that, it will not create any problem in future.

That’s it from my end. If you think girls care more about things other than these, please feel free to comment below. We would love to include them into this article as you.

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