A message from Ryan Holding

Not only you but everyone is busy with their lives.

One fine day I asked myself,

What are core things that are important to me going forward?

After a lot of introspection, I ended up with for major blocks of life.

priorities of life

I’m sure, these elements are important to you as well in whatever stage of life you’re.

So how do you make most out of your time?

Health is the top most priority for you and, ironically, you care the least about it.

You’re not alone…

I was in the same brigade.

Sooner, I realized that it needs more attention than we can think of.

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I started amazonfit.org to solve the most common problems of keeping us healthy.

  • Lack of time to join Gym – Solution was to bring Gym arrangements to your home.
  • Educating people about how to stay healthy without hitting gym.
  • Gym is not only solution to stay healthy; there are thousands of other ways well that does not need much of your time and equipment’s.
  • Food habits that we need to look into before it gets too late.

I’m compiling – “My Experiences Life, Health and Wealth” on my blog and sharing with you. I hope that helps you in making best of your life.

Just stay tuned with me and keep sharing your feedback and thoughts.

I’ll be glad to learn and share your thoughts with the world.

Bests, Ryan Holding
Blogger & Entrepreneur

I’m passionate about sharing things that I learn through experiences. For that I created several blogs that pronounce my thoughts on entrepreneurship, my experiences with building health and fitness at home, contribution to the skill building programs of Skill India through SkillSoda.com .

Join me in an endeavor to turn yourself into a great individual, a skilled professional, a versatile & successful entrepreneur and a wonderful person.

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