2 Quick Excercises-at-Home that burn enough calories to let you eat Chocolate of Your Choice


Want to BURN a lot of Calories? Try These 2 Methods and I Can Guarantee You’ll Continue To BURN Calories For 48 Hours After The Workout

Most people have heard of the “after-burn effect.”

It’s where you do an intense bout of aerobic exercise that continues to burn calories at a very high rate and goes beyond the workout for typically another 48 hours.

The 2 I recommend are the following:

  1. Barbell Complexes

  2. Body-Weight Circuits.

I’ve written 2 articles on how to do both with pics and video

Barbell Complexes Video > Barbell Complexes – TurnAroundFitness

8 Minute Body-Weight Circuits > 8 Minute Full Body Weight Workout That Burns Fat Fast

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